5 Tips for Beginning Runners

Running is a simple exercise that can help you lose weight and stay in shape.  However, beginning runners sometimes make a few mistakes that can cost them.  It is important that you look at running just like any other sport.  You need the right equipment, the right training program, and you need to be motivated.  Once you start running and do so without injury you will really start to enjoy it.  Below are a few beginning runners tips to help you start your journey.

Beginning Runners Tip #1

Proper gear – Running isn’t an exercise that people think of that needs gear.  But runners need proper footwear, shorts/pants, shirts and numerous other things depending on the runs.  One of the most important pieces of gear is obviously the shoes.  Visiting a local running store is the best option for getting fitted for shoes.  They will be able to analyze your gait and foot structure and help you pick out the best shoe.  Another beginning runner tip is that the most expensive shoes aren’t always the best shoes for you.  Just get the ones that fit the best.

Beginning Runners Tip #2

Training program – Finding a good training plan for your level is crucial.  Most people can’t just go out and run a marathon.  So a training plan that takes you from walking to running is something that most beginning runners need.  There are many training programs out there and each one has some running tips specific to it so just search around for one that fits your style.

Beginning Runners Tip #3

Warm up – A warm up is another aspect of running that a lot of people do not do and it may work for them.  However, as a beginning runner you should take a few minutes to warm up.  Of the many running tips associated with warming up stretching is the one that is disputed.  Some say you don’t need to and some say you do.  It is agreed that you shouldn’t stretch cold muscles though, so your warm up could include some dynamic stretching or you could walk for a few minutes before you run.  This is just to get your body warmed up and ready for the exercise.

Beginning Runners Tip #4

Rest – “Rest is for the weak.” Not true.  If you are a beginning runner then your body is definitely not used to the stresses that are put on it as you run.  If you are following a decent training plan it will have rest days factored in there and you need to take them.  Your body is absorbing a great amount of force every time your foot strikes the ground.  A rest day gives your body a chance to recover and repair itself.  Another running tip with this is that your rest day doesn’t necessarily need to be a completely exercise free day, it just means a rest from running.

Beginning Runners Tip #5

Hydration – Drink plenty of fluids and we don’t just mean water.  You should be drinking 8-10 8 oz glasses of water a day anyways and need to increase that as you run more.  Once you have reached the 45 minute mark with your running then you will probably need to switch to a sports drink to help replenish the electrolytes that you have lost.  The sports drinks contain sodium and potassium that help your body to retain the water and to help your muscles to function properly.  An additional running tip is that there isn’t just Gatorade out there.  There are many sports drinks available and many have a lot less sugar (if you are worried about that).

These are just a few beginning runners tips that you can use to help you get started with your runs.  There are many other tips out there and people that you run with will give you more advice.  Always remember to listen to your body as you run and if running becomes painful you should stop.  There is a difference between hurting and pain.  Running will hurt but shouldn’t be painful.

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