Hi, my name is Ted and I love to run.  I have been running consistently for about 15 years.  I never ran track in high school or college but I played soccer and we ran all the time.  I did a brief tour in the Marine Corps, which I really loved but my family needed me so I had to get out.  During my time in the Marines I stayed physically active and would run almost daily, but I would limit my distance to 3-4 miles since that was what our physical fitness test required.  Once I got out of the Marines I got a regular old job and decided I needed something to fill my time.  I started to train for a 10k with my wife.

After our 10k I started to run in the mountains around my house to break up the daily road runs.  I instantly fell in love with trail running.  It gets you away from everyone and into the fresh mountain air.  During this time I experienced numerous injuries associated with running.  I know a lot of people who don’t ever get injured when the run but not me.  I researched a lot on different running techniques and forms and decided I needed a new running form.  I worked hard and did and still do many exercises and stretches to help me change and maintain my current running fomr.  I have been injury free for a couple years now and really have fallen in love with running.

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